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Month: October 2014

Arduino on eclipse!

I’ve been working lately with Arduino as prototype board on some projects. And I need to say that despite of the old-fashioned components used on Arduino I’m amazed about how the simplicity, again, is the key of success.

I’m amazed about how the simplicity, again, is the key of success.

This platform is pretty useful for fast approach to a low-level electronic design. I don’t want to make publicity about Arduino. There are a lot of other great ideas going on, but I want to recognize the key points of the system.

I’m sure that if you are reading this post it’s because you have decided to start using Arduino in a more complex way. Why I know that? Because Arduino IDE offers good features to deal with small projects but… now you need something more.
Don’t you feel that Ctrl+space should answer your questions?
Don’t you fill you feel that your code is growing so big that Arduino window is getting too small?
Don’t you want to refactor some nasty names?
Don’t worry I felt the same thing!

But you are felling the moment to move to some better IDE.

Why eclipse?

Well, is what I master and what I know how to configure… xD eclipse is as good as other IDE, but the community behind is so powerful that you can not feel alone.
If you have another IDE capable of configuring the tool-chain and execute some commands automatically I think you can also use it with Arduino, but that is not for this tutorial.

So let’s start!

Developing for Arduino from eclipse (Part I)
This tutorial will guide you through the installation of all the software pieces you need to start developing.

Developing for Arduino from eclipse (Part II)
In this article you can find how to setup the different projects in Eclipse.

Developing for Arduino from eclipse (Part III)
This post pretends to offer solutions to problems regarding uploading compiled code into your Arduino.

Developing for Arduino from eclipse (Part IV)
When you write code from Eclipse you will need to follow some rules.

Some parts are still under construction. Please be patient, I’m a noob here.