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Month: March 2016

YouTube channel for EnBoteDeBote

I’m very excited with this new project… We are starting a new YouTube channel!


There you will find tips and videos about fashion, make-up, experience and other interesting topics. Unfortunately we decided to make it in Spanish, focusing on that market due to ease of production (is our mother tongue) and deep knowledge of that language.

I’m currently involved in the production part. Taking the videos and editing the cuts. I always liked the production so this will offer me the possibility to improve my knowledge on that topic as an independent student. As a child I learnt Photoshop (with the version 4!) and 3DStudioMax so this will be a good challenge to feed my learning hungry…
At this moment the tools are easy to learn but the entire production chain is really hard to master, and start with the recording. If you are interested on my evolution please leave me a comment and I’ll post about that!

So… Please, come in and enjoy. Comments will be welcome!