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Month: January 2017

Going open

I’m currently doing a Chef cookbook for Devpi using TravisCI to perform the QA through Rake, Inspec, Foodcritic and Rubocop

What kind of language I’m talking?
Well, I’m talking Open Source.

Behind my initial sentence I can only say that is really sweet. All those concepts has gained a place in my mind like a glove… They are so… Natural. I started appreciating the artistic work is behind the Open Source community is is huge! Everybody does their job with so much care and devotion that is truly inspiring (just take a look to the webs I linked in the sentence to see how carefully designed are they!).

Right now I only have one word: Amazing.

Everything is at your fingers so you can share your programs and methods with others and let them to improve them. I’m really starting on this of the Open Source world and I think I’m going to stay for long time.


Looking forward to go to FOSDEM 2017 in Brussels. It is my first time on a open source conference!

Since I started working with Linux I was attracted by open source. I didn’t understood why somebody was able to give his job for free… I started using their code and getting into their amazing projects, building my own set of  tools that nobody asked me to pay for…

Every day, any of us uses thousands of lines of code written by open source community, it is so deep and so important that nobody is away of it. Now I understand the huge task open source is doing for  for all of us, and I definitively want to join.

See you in the FOSDEM and remember: the future is being written by us and now more than ever before the future is really being written by us.

My hobby

Since I was a child I always liked the digital media world. I learned Photoshop with 13 years thanks to a book my father gave me  and since then I started learning other programs such as 3D studio Max, Adobe Premiere, Freehand…

Those are some of my works (the oldest I still have is from October 2001!)

I never give up on my passions of creating digital content even considering myself bad at arts. Because persistence is key in every success.

One of my latest project is “EnBoteDeBote”, a YouTube channel directed by my girlfriend and produced and edited by both. I hope you enjoy it. Please, give a huge thumbs up if you like what you see. Support is essential for content creators!

After a year of work we keep on growing. Every day we have new and exciting ideas we apply. We play together and the experience worth widely the costs.

Sorry folks, the channel is in Spanish (our main market). 😉