Month: May 2017

  • A Tour of Go: Web Crawler

    A Tour of Go: Web Crawler

    After playing with Go for a couple of days, I finished the tour. Actually, I learned a bit more by reading related articles and linked pages. I really recommend the experience as an initial attempt to understand go. As the last exercise, you are requested to program a simple web crawler. Find the code at […]

  • Shellcheck in Jenkins

    All we’ve written Shell scripts. And at the speed we need to deploy is easy to make mistakes (beginner mistakes). So I decided to integrate Shellcheck in Jenkins so that when a commit is done the CI drops a complete shell check analysis of the code. A test in your CI could be something like: […]

  • Integrating npm jsonlint in your CI

    Today I received a pull request on a JSON file where the indentation looked just wrong. We decided to look for a linting solution to run on our CI with some requirements: It should validate and point out broken JSON. It should fix the indentation. It should not sort JSON objects. After some research, we […]