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  • Chef and Docker for a rapid infrastructure development

    We started using Chef a while ago and one of the first steps we took was to use Docker instead of Vagrant for performing tests due to its faster setup. After all this time I can say it was a nice experience and now our CI is happily testing out in minutes. So… What do […]

  • Tribute to regex

    Today I was working with Regular Expressions and suddenly come to my mind the question: How such a great invention as Regex was created? I rapidly checked it and I get to the Wikipedia page. I had no idea who created such a good idea. Stephen Kleen owes our admiration, he was a complete person […]

  • Going open

    I’m currently doing a Chef cookbook for Devpi using TravisCI to perform the QA through Rake, Inspec, Foodcritic, and Rubocop… What kind of language I’m talking? Well, I’m talking Open Source. Behind my initial sentence, I can only say that is really sweet. All those concepts have gained a place in my mind like a […]