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Embedded world 2016

Looking forward to attend embeddedworld this year.
Nice keynotes and interesting topics on the conferences and classes about embedded development.

The main title this year is, of course, Internet of Things (IoT). Basically an exciting new ecosystem for devices where every single piece of technology can publish information, many other devices could analyze that big and real data and take decisions about it’s own behavior. This futuristic concept is not only on paper anymore, now technologies such as IPv6 or wireless sensor networks are well known and they are the enabling what will happen in the next few years.

IoT is real and now many names in the market are moving towards new and amazing applications through many emergent technologies that allow developers to really push distribution against it’s limits.

It is the holy grail for automation!

I’m interested about security, a huge challenge speaking about distributed architectures. But, In my opinion, is the perfect time to take challenges!

Hope to see you at embeddedworld!

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