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Going open

I’m currently doing a Chef cookbook for Devpi using TravisCI to perform the QA through Rake, Inspec, Foodcritic, and Rubocop

What kind of language I’m talking?
Well, I’m talking Open Source.

Behind my initial sentence, I can only say that is really sweet. All those concepts have gained a place in my mind like a glove… They are so… Natural. I started appreciating the artistic work behind the Open Source community is huge! Everybody does their job with so much care and devotion that is truly inspiring (just take a look at the webs I linked in the sentence to see how carefully designed are they!).

Right now I only have one word: Amazing.

Everything is at your fingers so you can share your programs and methods with others and let them improve them. I’m really starting on this of the Open Source world and I think I’m going to stay for a long time.

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