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Android 5.0 is coming… With some new exciting features.

I’m an Android defender but I won’t start a discussion about OSs or platforms. The thing is I’m truly interested; my Nexus 5 will be updated!

Let’s see the highlights of this new version.

Speak with your phone as never before

Better voice commands! Fresh air in this aspect for sure will surprise more than one.

Need to mention how amazing is, while driving, isuue a call simply saying “Ok, google; Call Maria, mobile phone, please”. I really expect something big from this simple (on Android 4.4) feature. Samsung’s software works better and grants more interaction with configurations.
I still miss interaction with applications such as Spotify or Facebook in both softwares.


They promise interconnection between devices…

Pick up where you left of

Having PC, tablet and phone and I still can’t control the music that is ruining on one from another.
Interactions needs to be really powered up. IoT is not possible without that interaction.

Contextualized personal information

And Google databases are really capable of this improvement. More than we think. Of course they must be careful not to intimidate skeptics and sensationalists with this topics.

The right information at the right moment

Every day my phone advice me about traffic going back home. Of course information used by this logic should be treated as top confidential and private. But the fact is that is very comfortable.

Notification filter at OS level

My favorite feature is the notifications filters at OS level, it is a small detail, but is truly useful:

Don’t you feel notifications are, sometimes, out of place? I don’t want to shut them down by night and on again when I wake up! My phone is supposed to be smart… So make it understand when I don’t want to be disturbed! But what happen with my children? I always want to know from them! 

This this enslaving feature should evolve to let us to decide how much do we want to be invaded.

More things included in this new OS version, if you are curious I suggest to check out the official Android 5.0 page (the best information about you can get from internet)


And remember: Android 5.0 is coming.

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