“My door is always open.” – A brief analysis

The most used sentence to present yourself as a manager or leader in a team.

This is my brief analysis, a subjective point of view from a team member.

My door” means there is a door

What a bad concept in a team!
A team is a human network that shares information to carry out a task. A door is purely designed to block… Block noise, block people, block secrets!
Blocking is not a good concept for a team.

Please: ‘my door‘?
It is really yours?
You have a door and I don’t? Is that fair?
A team of equal components can not have a door.

is always open” is a lie

A door is meant to be closed. Are you sure that I can enter your office when I want? Let me doubt it.

My door is always open.” implies that it is you (the employee) that will come to me (your leader) when you have a problem.
Is this not a terrible vision of a leader?
So the leader will be there for the team, but will not care for them until a problem triggers his/her reaction?
Your main business as a team leader is to take care of your team, your family, and your colleges…

In a summary, I should say that if you use the sentence “My door is always open” as your signature in your initial speech the confidence in you will become zero from the beginning. It implies that you will have better business than your team. So be careful about what you say the very first time if you join a team as a manager.

Keep your people happy with you and with all the other team members. That will be your real business.





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