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Node MC

Thanks to a college I’ve discovered Node MC,  a tiny system with great capabilities:

  • Lua programming directly through the USB-Serial interface and a small and easy API.
  • Wifi and a complete stack implemented and usable through the Lua API
  • Generous amount of GPIO and other connections
  • Several versions with USB connectors, without, tiny versions, etc…

A fast and easy way to start playing with wireless and learning several good concepts about Wifi.

Software is accessible from GitHub where you can find not only the base repositories and tools but also lots of other related projects. The ease to start working with such a technology is the main advantage that makes me recommend this system to prototype, learn and play (of course).

I don’t want to discover this board (is very well described by its authors), but as I’m enjoying it very much, I hope you will find it interesting too.

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