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Tag: Arduino

Arduino pneumatic control – revision 2a (I)

I had the opportunity to work around a small platform to perform duration tests using some pneumatic equipment.

It consist on some Festo valves and cylinders and a small Arduino with some shields on it. After a brief revision of the schematics I’ve started to improve the design. Using the same interfaces and pin-out to make it retro-compatible.

If you can, and probably ‘you can’, make it retro compatible: just make it. Don’t waste previous effort until you have a good reason.

This second revision consist on an upgrade on the sensor adaptation inputs to make them software configurable. Also a good documentation was added to the silkscreen layers. And detailed files and information was added to the project.

Lack of documentation is the worst case for incoming engineers. So to keep it clear document all your changes.

This is the list of features (new are in bold)

  • Controls up to 4 solenoids
  • Measures up to 4 analog inputs
  • LCD screen with current status
  • Controllable sensing gain controlled by software
  • Data login into SD card
  • Selectable sensor voltage supply
  • 3 x 4 control keypad
  • LCD controlled by I2C

Inexpensive debugging

Never before debugging was so cost-effective

Last week I had the opportunity to use one of my developments (a test setup based on Arduino platform) to debug embedded software running on a small board under production by a customer. An old oscilloscope and a small Arduino replaces a huge and expensive digital analyzer and help me to find a timing bug in the embedded-code.

I’m amazed on how this task was done fast and simple due to a brief modification on the Arduino’s code and little help from community.

Truly a simple and smart platform!

Are you interested? Start today!