Tag: Development

  • Chef and Docker for a rapid infrastructure development

    We started using Chef a while ago and one of the first steps we took was to use Docker instead of Vagrant for performing tests due to its faster setup. After all this time I can say it was a nice experience and now our CI is happily testing out in minutes. So… What do […]

  • FOSDEM 2017

    FOSDEM 2017

    Looking forward to going to FOSDEM 2017 in Brussels. It is my first time at an open-source conference! Since I started working with Linux I was attracted by open source. I didn’t understand why somebody was able to give his job for free… I started using their code and getting into their amazing projects, building […]

  • Node MC

    Node MC

    Thanks to a college I’ve discovered Node MC,  a tiny system with great capabilities: Lua programming directly through the USB-Serial interface and a small and easy API. Wifi and a complete stack implemented and usable through the Lua API Generous amount of GPIO and other connections Several versions with USB connectors, without, tiny versions, etc… […]