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Looking forward to go to FOSDEM 2017 in Brussels. It is my first time on a open source conference!

Since I started working with Linux I was attracted by open source. I didn’t understood why somebody was able to give his job for free… I started using their code and getting into their amazing projects, building my own set of  tools that nobody asked me to pay for…

Every day, any of us uses thousands of lines of code written by open source community, it is so deep and so important that nobody is away of it. Now I understand the huge task open source is doing for  for all of us, and I definitively want to join.

See you in the FOSDEM and remember: the future is being written by us and now more than ever before the future is really being written by us.

make cheatsheet

I’ve recently been working with make and makefiles at work. What can I say about this tool with more than 20 years of life… It is an incredible tool which worth the effort to learn. I even recommend it for cross-compile from Windows!

It is very flexible and reliable but talking clearly: is not the easiest building system. Anyway I like to think that the best tools shouldn’t be that easy.

As I started using the manual I’ve made a cheat-sheet for myself. Now that I have make cleaner in my mind I want to share it with you:


For any comment on how to improve it do not hesitate to contact me.