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Tag: open source

Docker source hardcoded to the docker hub

I just needed to complain about this.

Docker, the beloved containerdization tool is not as open as they claim it to be. The main source of containers is hardcoded in the tool to point towards the docker hub, and that site is now converting to a market place

Is the first time I see a package management system that forces you to use a specific source and I’m not happy with the decission.

I have my own registry and I want to use it as my default!


Looking forward to go to FOSDEM 2017 in Brussels. It is my first time on a open source conference!

Since I started working with Linux I was attracted by open source. I didn’t understood why somebody was able to give his job for free… I started using their code and getting into their amazing projects, building my own set of  tools that nobody asked me to pay for…

Every day, any of us uses thousands of lines of code written by open source community, it is so deep and so important that nobody is away of it. Now I understand the huge task open source is doing for  for all of us, and I definitively want to join.

See you in the FOSDEM and remember: the future is being written by us and now more than ever before the future is really being written by us.

Node MC

Thanks to a college I’ve discovered Node MC,  a tiny system with great capabilities:

  • Lua programming directly through USB-Serial interface and a small and easy API.
  • Wifi and a complete stack implemented and usable through the Lua API
  • Generous amount of GPIO and other connections
  • Several versions with USB connector, without, tiny versions, etc…

A fast and easy way to start playing with wireless and learning several good concepts about Wifi.

Software is accessible from github where you can find not only the base repositories and tools but also lots of other related projects. The ease to start working with such a technology is the main advantage that makes me recommend this system to prototype, learn and play (of course).

I don’t want to discover you this board (is very well described by it’s authors), but as I’m enjoying it very much, I hope you will find it interesting too.