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Service terms

Windows 10 is released and contains many privacy setting in the configuration menu (13 pages of configuration to decide what they get from you!). But is not the only one.

Nowadays any operative system comes with lots of privacy settings that has nothing to do with what an OS really do! Is not possible to separate those settings from the OS and all the information they are extracting from you is used for unknown purposes. You leave your privacy in hands of the company, hopping that the company will have mercy… It is horrible!

I can’t understand why Android has so much Google services attached to the OS that you can’t get rid of. Or why you can only use Mac programs to maintain all your information synchronized…¬†Also Ubuntu started to sell data to Amazon!

“Allow us to offer you better services”

What is the point of this hyper-control over the population? Marketing? Government? Who knows…

As a modern person you should take care about what you give to them! Do not avoid reading the service terms!